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«Innovative Technology Company Endoprint» («ITC Endoprint») is the first Russian private based enterprise employing 3D design and additive manufacturing technologies for creating personalized endoprosthesis and implantology products. The primary goal of ITC Endoprint is to enable medical professionals to effectively treat their patients in the most difficult of clinical cases.

Patient-specific solutions are created by experienced bioengineers in close collaboration with the attending physician using specialized advanced software. Every implant created this way is unique – the design process includes not only taking into account the personal features of the patient’s anatomy, but also creating the plan of the upcoming surgery. This approach allows to install the implant despite possible difficulties in surgical navigation.

Our products are created from medical grade titanium powder using a modern high-precision 3D printer.

Advanced experience in the industry allows our company to expand the application fields of additive manufacturing and discover personalized solutions that make breakthroughs and help the endoprosthesis sector evolve as a whole.

In 2017 the companies «Endoprint» and «Tendo» underwent a merger, marking the creation of ITC Endoprint, LLC. The innovative spirit of Endoprint thus united with Tendo’s stability and expirience, as Tendo had been operating in the medical field since 1993. This merger created the momentum that resulted in the creation of the leading endoprosthesis and implantology company in Russia. More than a thousand personalized implants made by ITC Endoprint have been installed to date, and the number steadily continues to grow.

Human health is the driving force behind our company, inspiring us to create innovative solutions for our patients.

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